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The Dastardly Debutante

The Dastardly Debutante

The Dastardly Debutante

Miss Phoebe Astin of The Economic Undertaker has applied her mortician skills to many faces, but a beautiful young debutante, Miss Daisy Dorchester, needed little work, or so Phoebe thought. When the debutante’s spirit appears to her, insisting she was murdered and demanding Phoebe do something about it, Phoebe agrees. She has, after all, helped many of her ghostly clients before they move on to the next world.

It soon comes to light that Daisy's death is connected to the priest from St Patrick's Parish and a young gentleman suitor with an engagement ring in his pocket; Daisy had boasted to the debutantes of a secret love.

Phoebe finds time is running out as the debutante will soon be laid to rest, but her brothers Julius and Ambrose, Detective Harland Stone, journalist friend Miss Lilly Lewis, and her dear friend Kate who took a portrait of the debutante the day before her death, are on the case.
Unfortunately, Daisy appears to have more enemies than friends and is fast making Phoebe one with her demands, requiring Julius to step in and reveal a side of himself he had to date kept hidden.

But justice must be served, and for the Astin family, being dead is no excuse for letting crime go unpunished!

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