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The Fake Child

The Fake Child

The Fake Child

Miss Phoebe Astin of The Economic Undertaker is not just a talented mortician, but a medium for the spirit world and often enjoys the company of her clients before they move on to the next world.

When her funeral director brothers, Julius and Ambrose, bring the deceased Mrs Henriette Tochborn to her workroom, there is much interest as the lady was quite well known for her tragedy – twenty years prior her child was kidnapped and never found.

Prior to her death, to mark the 20th anniversary, Mrs Tochborn placed an advertisement in the paper requesting information, or for her child, if he was still alive, to come forth. Two men responded – a butcher and an asylum inmate – claiming to be that very child. Unfortunately, illness took Mrs Tochborn’s life before their claims could be tested. But that’s not stopping the claimants from trying for their rightful inheritance.

Phoebe is surprised when Mrs Tochborn appears in spirit form asking Phoebe for help. The deceased lady still has work to do amongst the living and now having crossed over to the other side, Mrs Tochborn knows the truth of what happened to her son.

Working with Detective Harland Stone who has faith in Phoebe’s visions and a keen interest in the lady herself, and journalist, Miss Lilly Lewis, a case that has been cold for 20 years is suddenly warming up.

Meanwhile, Julius and Ambrose Astin struggle to maintain their professional undertaker countenance at a funeral that goes awry, and Julius’s affection for a certain lady becomes hard to ignore.

There is murder, love and mystery afoot, and it appears that for the Astin family, being dead is no excuse for letting a crime go unpunished!

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