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The Missing Brides

The Missing Brides

The Missing Brides

Miss Phoebe Astin and her brothers, Julius and Ambrose, lead an unconventional life working in the family funeral business – The Economic Undertaker. But Phoebe is not just a talented mortician, she is a medium for the spirit world, and often enjoys the company of her clients before they move on to the next world.

When a gentleman lingers behind before passing over to the other side and begs her to investigate his murder, Phoebe contacts her brother’s friend, Detective Harland Stone, to explain her concerns. Fortunately, the detective – who is new in town and making his mark – has an open mind and accepts that Phoebe communicates with the dead, but is fixed on finding the evidence to support her claims.

It is not long before another body, that of a young woman, is found buried under the hearthstone in a small family home and the likely villain is the very same man who Phoebe’s ghost claimed was responsible for his death. Detective Stone is racing against the clock to find the villain and to prevent any further deaths from those that the villain may love or con into marriage.

Meanwhile, Julius Astin is doing his best to avoid the persistent mothers and flirting daughters who manage to find a way to corner him, and his younger brother, Ambrose, has lost his heart to Phoebe’s friend and reporter, Miss Lilly Lewis, who only has eyes for Julius.
There is murder, love and mystery afoot, and it appears that for the Astin family, being dead is no excuse for letting a crime go unpunished!

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